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During the Middle Ages, knights generally were members of the landed aristocracy and, especially by the later Middle Ages, could trace their linage through generations of knights.Use this mini-lesson to introduce students to knights, the brave warriors on horseback who fought in western Europe from about 800 to the 1600s.The Latin term in the Middle Ages was miles, since a knight was by definition a professional soldier.

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This is more of a fantasy feature, but it could be used for more realistic settings too.

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But it would be wrong to assume that people were always very focused on God and religion, and definitely wrong to think that medieval people were incapable of sceptical reflection.A knight in the Middle Ages wore a padded vest called a gipoun for comfort and a cloth tunic made of woven cloth called fustian.

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This trend was reinforced by the appearance in the 8th century of.

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Knights. In the Middle Ages, there was a definite structure in society.In order to fight battles across his large empire, Charlemagne began to use soldiers on horseback.

Includes: timeline, rulers, castles with maps, other architecture.The first type of armor knights wore was chain mail -- a coat made of linked chains called a habergeoun -- that could weigh up to 30 pounds.

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History and Maps - Art - Black Death - Castles - Cathedrals - Chivalry - Clothing - Crusades - Food.

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The people who were part of the church played an important part also.

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A knight is a man granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch, bishop or other political or religious leader for service to the monarch or a Christian church, especially in a military capacity.

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According to the Fordham University website, Medieval Sourcebook, a knight was paid 2 shillings per day in 1316.Be sure to arrive early for a cocktail hour and special displays of chivalry from Medieval Times knights.Medieval Times is a Renaissance-style live dinner-theater event that features actors dressed up as medieval knights, squires and royalty.Donning iron clad armor and wielding the most advanced weaponry of the Middle Ages, these knights will have to call upon all of their training, bravery and their gallant steeds to win the tournament and preserve peace in the kingdom.

Set at the end of the Middle Ages and the dawn of the Renaissance.

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King Arthur, Richard the Lionheart, El Cid, Joan of Arc, Knight Roland and others.

The Middle Ages was defined by a Feudal system in much of Europe.The first knights of the Middle Ages fought for Charlemagne, the King of the Franks, in the 700s.Imagine the pageantry and excitement that would have been yours as a guest of the king ten centuries ago.

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Medieval Knights The Medieval period was dominated by the feudal system and the role of the Medieval knights and their servants.Nations battled nations, cities battled cities, and villages battled villages.

Modern institutions were in part shaped during the Medieval times.To gain Knighthood in Medieval Times was a long and arduous task.